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Free Shipping on US orders of $75+

Love Notes (Product Reviews)

Based on 810 reviews
Moon Luna bracelet!

I love this bracelet! Very comfortable and easy to wear! Matches my Moon ring and necklace!

Seeking Joy

When the weather gets dreary, I reach for my Joy bracelet. It is uplifting ad lovely.

I always loved Lapis

I use intuition in my work and these crystals help, They are very beautiful

Right vibration

As I am currently working with Reiki and crystals are in my work space, I love these bracelets. They are very well made and emit the right frequency.

Gorgeous new moon

I now know I need the new moon mala. This piece is powerful and beautiful.

Love, love, love!

Wearing this bracelet is a beautiful reminder of the people and animals of Australia. A small donation but any amount in support is meaningful. Thank you, Jenn, for putting your heart and soul into this endeavor.

Mala beads

THEY ARE BEYOND BEAUTIFUL!!!! very well put together, the packaging was extremely thoughtful and educational. All around a fantastic product and customer service. Thank you greatly!


The bracelet is more beautiful in person than in the picture. Being in several fires over the years, I am so grateful for Jennifer's support of the Australian fires and of the help to the animals. Thank you for helping me personally a year ago and for your generous support with this bracelet. My daughter and I enjoy and love wearing them and feel less helpless for Australia by having these bracelets. I now stack them with my other bracelets and still wear my Thousand Oaks Strong necklace. We will never forget 2018 and the community is still raising money for Borderline and the fires. California has sent hundreds of firefighters to Australia to help. They came all the way here when we were in need. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of Australia and hope there will not be more loss of life to humans and animals. Thank you Jennifer.


This bracelet is absolutely beautiful. This is my sixth piece and I know I will be back for more. Always timely, made well, and I am never disappointed with the product!

Unconditionally love

I am in love with Rose Quartz and this combination of stones paired with it has made me more aware of the power the crystals have. It's beautiful and I feels great to wear! I especially love the design. With the arrangement of the crystals to the silver beads! Highly recommend!

My favorite

I absolutely love this mala. It was my first piece of Blooming Lotus jewelry sold at my local yoga studio. I actually intended to buy a different one, but once I put this one on I felt everything listed above. I am drawn to it everyday and purchasing it has changed my life. 💗Wonderful quality and the first time I ever smelled sandalwood. It is now such a comforting smell! I've worn it, held it, and just had it near me. Highly recommend!

Custom Mantra Bar | gold


This Rose Quartz heart is the perfect size and shape for my favorite stone! It is smooth and small enough carry in my pocket and use in my yoga practice! Highly recommend! 💗

Beautiful and Delicate!

This Apatite balance bar is perfect! A delicate piece that is the same great quality as the rest of the Blooming Lotus pieces in my collection.


I love the stones in this bracelet, they look beautiful and work so well together.

Love the color of Kyanite!

Beautiful bracelet. The kyanite crystals are nicely set to make them the focal point. Looking forward to help with focus and fearless communication!

Beautiful bracelet for an awesome cause!!

Such a special piece!

There is something so special about this necklace. It’s simple, understated, and amazing. I’ve wore it every day since I purchased it, and I get so many compliments. Every time I see it or feel it, I’m reminded to embrace the cycles of life.

Apatite Nugget (Sterling)

Simplicity at its finest!

I bought this for my daughter-in-law as a birthday gift. She has not recieved the necklace yet but I know she will love it. I do! The intial engraved is that of her first child and our first grandchild.

Gorgeous piece of jewellery

I adore my mini mantra bar from Jen. The chain is strong but is also super delicate looking. It's also the perfect length for my tiny wrist. Normally something I struggle with when buying bracelets. I love barely there, delicate jewellery and this piece is just exquisite. I'm already trying to think of another reason to buy my second piece.Jen was also very good at replying to my email queries and giving me advice on my questions regarding chain strength and durability around my one year old. With her advice I opted to go for the bracelet rather than the necklace and I can say it does hold up to his attention/ tugs.
Thank you Jen x0x

perfect everyday rings

Absolutely love these rings! They look great alone or stacked and you can see the attention to the little details on the band. Perfect for everyday wear. These are my first rings from Jenn and I would definitely buy more!


Love this ring! I have already received many compliments after only a few days! It makes a statement! 💖 Feels wonderful, fits perfectly, and really very beautifully crafted. This is my first Blooming Lotus ring and it won't be my last! Highly recommend!

More beautiful in person

Once again Jenn you have made an amazing piece of jewelry. It works well alone or with my other the BL bracelets.

Simple & Timeless

Just like the Moon & Stars, simple & elegant. Was initially worried that these might be too small for me - pleasantly wrong. Very comfortable to wear- and they shine!