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About Us

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Welcome to our humble home!  So glad you're here :)


At Blooming Lotus Jewelry, we believe that when you wear your intention or mantra, you are closer to manifesting the life you want to live.  In this hyper-"connected" world we live in, sometimes a tactile or visual reminder is what's needed to pause, reflect and reset so that we can return to the present moment.  Our jewelry serves as that reminder.  To carry you through the good, the not-so-good and all the celebrations in life.  Let's journey together, shall we?

moon phase jewelry

Hand-crafted and filled with purpose, our jewelry holds an individual story or intention...yours!  Our creations serve as gentle reminders that anything and everything is possible.  See and feel the magic in every day.


Our offerings include mala beads, gemstone bracelets, hand-stamped mantras, rings, earrings, crystals and of course our highly desired moon phase jewelry.  Many of our pieces are designed, hand-carved into wax and cast into sterling silver and solid 14k gold using the Lost Wax Method.  With this process, we use recycled sterling silver and 14k gold, making our jewelry eco-friendly.


We believe that life is wild, messy and filled with so much joy, and is to be embraced every step of the journey.  Whether you are traversing a challenging time or rejoicing in a triumph, our jewelry will remind you of how far you've come and will lead you forward in the footsteps of your heart.

With every pendant that is carved, knot that is made, letter that is stamped, and bead that is strung, our jewelry is made with heaps of love and always with the utmost attention to detail.  We wouldn't have it any other way.

From our hearts and hands to yours, we invite you to listen to your soul and stay connected to who you are and where your heart longs to be.

Because it’s from right here, you blossom and bloom.

Blooming Lotus Jewelry Mala Beads