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Free Shipping on US orders of $75+

New Moon Mala

$ 127.00

Symbolic of new beginnings, wear your New Moon Mala and be reminded that the new moon is the perfect time for setting new intentions and planting the seeds for something greater.

The new moon is the first stage of the moon and is symbolic of new beginnings.  It's the perfect time for setting new intentions and planting the seed for something greater.  The intentions you set will manifest during the cycle toward the full moon.  With this comes feelings of excitement, hope or even anxiety.  Stay present, meditate and allow yourself to move forward through the lunar cycle and gain momentum toward your intentions.

Moonstone, a stone of new beginnings, has an iridescent or reflective glow that reminds you that everything is part of a cycle.  Inspires softness, sensitivity, patience and tolerance.

Labradorite is a magical gemstone that awakens your soul and supports you on life's adventures.  It enhances your intuitive abilities and decreases fear and insecurities from previous disappointments.  Let go and trust that the universe has your back.

Onyx balances, grounds and dispels negativity, allowing positive vibrations to come through.  A stone of inner strength and protection, it increases concentration, stimulates thinking and logic and encourages better decision making.  Helps you to be a master of your own destiny as it helps you to see more clearly what lies ahead.

Sandalwood promotes humility and its scent is believed to aid and maintain a person's alertness while meditating.

Tassels are seen as the roots of the lotus, strongly rooted and rising up to the sunshine of enlightenment.  As the individual strands of the tassel combine together to become one, this oneness represents our connection to one another.

Hand-knotted with love on black cord.

Beads & Gemstones: 108 mala beads (6mm Onyx, Moonstone, Labradorite, 8mm Sandalwood), Golden Sheen Obsidian focal stone, Labradorite Guru bead, Onyx counter/marker beads.  

Whether you use your mala beads to count mantras while meditating, wear them to remind you of your intentions or simply for their free-spirited beauty, we hope that you cherish them for years to come!

Customer Reviews

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Stunning Mala
Love it!
Perfect .
Love, Love, Love my New Moon Mala
Yes...I relaunched it with a little makeover the end of June so probably right after you got the previous version! I'm so happy you love it :) And Happy New Moon!
Nice and light
New Beginnings “New Moon Mala”.