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Free Shipping on U.S orders $100+

New Moon Bracelet | Labradorite, Moonstone, Onyx

$ 36.00

Symbolic of new beginnings, wear your New Moon bracelet and be reminded that the new moon is the perfect time for setting new intentions and planting the seeds for something greater.

Moonstone, a stone of new beginnings, has an iridescent or reflective glow that reminds you that everything is part of a cycle. Inspires softness, sensitivity, patience and tolerance.

Labradorite is a magical gemstone that awakens your soul and supports you on life's adventures. It enhances your intuitive abilities and decreases fear and insecurities from previous disappointments. Let go and trust that the universe has your back.

Onyx balances, grounds and dispels negativity, allowing positive vibrations to come through. A stone of inner strength and protection, it increases concentration, stimulates thinking and logic and encourages better decision making. Helps you to be a master of your own destiny as it helps you to see more clearly what lies ahead.

  • Gemstones: faceted 10mm Labradorite, 6mm Moonstone, Onyx and Labradorite. Fine Silver faceted spacer beads.
  • Sizing: adjustable via sterling silver sliding bead
  • Black cord
  • Sold individually

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
2 Bracelets Bought

I bought two of the moon stone bracelets from this company and was so excited when they came!! I was not expecting how cute and personal the packaging would be! It had a hand written note and was hand wrapped in their own packaging. It made me very excited to open and see all of that! Super cute items that are exactly what I saw online. Would highly recommend ordering from here!!!

So pretty & adjustable

I love this bracelet. It goes with everything, the stones are stunning, it was beautifully designed, and I love the pull bead for taking it on and off. Highly recommend as a gift to yourself or to a loved one.

Kellie A.
Gorgeous new moon

I now know I need the new moon mala. This piece is powerful and beautiful.


Beautiful bracelet. High quality crystals, and I love how I can tighten the bracelet. Truly gorgeous jewelry, and I want to buy the full moon for my friend as well!

Christi R.
Super cool bracelet!

I gave this bracelet to my friend's daughter. She is starting her first year of college. The bracelet is very pretty and I love the message behind it!