Custom Mantra Bar Silk Wrap

$ 36.00  $ 46.00

Choose Your Silk

Keep your intentions and dreams close and customize your very own Mantra Wrap.  A colorful reminder to bring you back to your truest intention.  

-Hand-stamped bar: sterling silver 34mm x 5mm (1.3" long)
-Font size will be adjusted depending on the length of your mantra
-If you do not specify if you want the letters darkened or not, they will be darkened.
-No clasp.  Finish with a bow or knot and tuck excess inside silk wrap

All of our Mantra Bars are stamped one letter at a time, with a letter peg and hammer. No machines are used. Variations may occurs and letters may not be perfectly aligned, perfectly centered or perfectly spaced. Pieces will vary and should not be seen an an imperfection. It all adds to the organic hand-made look of the piece.

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