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Amazonite Heart

$ 9.00

Amazonite is a stone of harmony, peace, truth and compassion.  Hold it close and let it magnify your intentions and support you in manifesting your dreams.  It's time to make your dreams a reality.

  • Size: puffed shape; approximately 1-1.5 inch wide
  • Each heart will vary slightly in shape, size, and color. These are natural stones (not synthetic) so please expect variation from stone to stone.
  • Sold individually

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Stacy O.
Love it!

This little heart-shaped crystal is so beautiful. I initially thought I was going to get it as a gift for a friend but decided to keep it for myself as I just love it too much.


Bought these as little gifts to friends who have been having a hard time. Just a little something to know I'm thinking of them and they were perfect!!

Patrice P.
Some hearts better than others

I received my order of Amazonite Hearts. Your packaging and personal card was a beautiful surprise. I ordered 4 hearts so I could send some to friends and family. 2 of the hearts are lovely. One is just so so with lots of white stripes and the 4th one is very artificial looking, There are so many white stripes on the heart not much green comes thru. I understand crystals vary however had I been packing this order I would have not sent the two with more white stripes than green. I will not be sending those two to my loved ones. They look like they were made in a factory, beautiful Amazonite green coloring is lost in the white stripes. Two of the 4 are lovely.

Thank you for your feedback, Patrice. Yes, there is color variation in natural Amazonite. Amazonite has all sorts of colors and banding...the beautiful aqua which is definitely the loveliest and with that comes banding and speckles of white, black, brown. Natural crystals vary from where they are cut during the mining process, giving the unique variation. Just like the various colors/shades of natural Turquoise or Amethyst...Amazonite varies as well. While synthetic stones will give you that consistent look (all aqua), I only offer natural gemstones. I will also reach out to you via email to ask if you'd like to return the two hearts that you are unhappy with, but wanted to address the color variation here. I want you to be happy with your purchase! Chat soon! ~Jenn

A little reminder

This little heart lays on my desk as a little reminder that even if things might be tough and different, there’s always room for harmony and positive thoughts.