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New Beginnings Stack | Lotus | Moonstone


A reminder that you are always evolving, growing and glowing. When faced with change and adversity, move forward with patience and trust that all things happen for a reason. Like the lotus, you will rise above and shine even brighter than before.

A stone of new beginnings, Moonstone has an iridescent or reflective glow that reminds you that everything is part of a cycle. It is the stone you seek if you wish to embrace and be more balanced in your feminine expression. Moonstone balances emotions, promoting clarity and helping one be more receptive.  Inspires softness, sensitivity, patience and tolerance.  

Taking its roots deep in the mud, the lotus takes the journey calmly through the darkness, reaching for the light above. Rising high above the murky water below, the lotus opens in the sunlight as a beautiful pristine flower. This growth symbolizes new beginnings, spiritual awakening and strength in adversity. Out of the mud and muck, we can rise above it all.

  • Gemstones: 6mm and 8mm faceted Peach Moonstone, White Moonstone
  • Lotus charm: fine silver .999
  • Sold in a stack of 3 bracelets
  • Stretch cord

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Madonna G.
New Beginnings

Name is dear to my heart. In honor of my husband who passed away. Beautiful quality and obviously made with love.

Terry J.
Just perfect!

I ordered the New Beginnings stack for a coworker who is starting a new job. She cried when she opened it and read the card! Thank you!

So soft and feminine

I. Love. This. Bracelet. Everything about it. The soft colors, the sparkle, their weight, how the middle one is just slightly bigger than the outer two, it's perfect. I received this just one week before my birthday and the way Jenn wrapped it made me feel like I was opening a present from a friend. It's the little things that matter, like her cute colored tissue paper, wrapped ribbon, and handwritten note. This bracelet is my new favorite piece of jewelry (besides my wedding ring), and I can't wait to now receive the olive branch rings. Thanks Jenn!

In love with this stack set!

This is such a beautiful stack set that compliments any wardrobe and reminds you to continue to be mindful of the new opportunities each day brings. Love how beautiful and shiny the moonstones are -- there are so many flashes of rainbows and beautiful neutral shades from the peach color -- it's a must have!


Bought these for my daughter when she was having a rough week- they arrived at the perfect time and she’s in love with this stack. Fit perfectly, beautifully made.