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Serenity Mala


Accept the things you cannot change to give space for what makes your heart and soul happy. The Serenity Mala has soothing gemstones and soft colors to instill feelings of calm, tranquility, stillness and peace.  

Aquamarine encourages communication and speaking one's truth. Diminishes stress, fear and anxiety and helps to calm and clear the mind. A stone that maintains a connection between the heart and throat chakras so you can speak your heart.

Amethyst offers protection and brings clarity of mind. It stimulates inspiration, intuition and contributes to finding deep inner peace and to discovering inner wisdom.

Clear Quartz is known to be the most popular crystal for healing. It is used to cleanse, focus and amplify energy levels in the body. It helps to realign and focus the mind, body and spirit toward clear goals.

Sandalwood promotes humility and its scent is believed to aid and maintain a person's alertness while meditating.

  • Beads & Gemstones: 108 Sandalwood, Aquamarine large focal stone, Amethyst Guru bead, Aquamarine marker/counter beads bordered by Clear Quartz.
  • Aquamarine varies in shades from very pale translucent blue/white to darker more opaque blue/green. If you would like to see the options currently in stock, please send us an email. We would be happy to send a photo of the Aquamarine focal stones.
  • Hand-knotted with love on light blue cord

Sourcing of our sandalwood mala beads:

Since 2014, Blooming Lotus Jewelry has been supporting a family-owned small business in Rishikesh, India, by sourcing all of our sandalwood beads from them. In October of 2014, I met with the family in person at their shop in the heart of Rishikesh, the birthplace of yoga. Our sandalwood is sustainably sourced in Mysore, India, adhering to harvesting regulations and using fair-trade practices. It then makes its way to my supplier in Rishikesh, before heading to us here in the U.S. to be assembled into various mala designs unique to Blooming Lotus Jewelry. We are proud to know our source personally and directly support their family for the past 8 years.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Lisa D.
Absolutely gorgeous

I absolutely love my purchase. The mala is gorgeous, Jen also made me a custom mala. The process was amazingly easy and fun! This mala came out absolutely gorgeous as well! I will always purchase from her with confidence!

Sweet, Warm and Casual

I really wanted one of these malas with the wooden beads that I could wear with t-shirts. It is really lovely. Jenn let me pick out the focal stone from the ones she had available and I'm so glad she did. I was able to choose one that had more blue than green. Really happy with it. Can't wait for spring weather! I styled my photo in the cat bed....the only place with good light!

Lovely but small Focal Stone

I received one of these as a gift that I absolutely adore. I bought this one for a friend and was a little disappointed that the large focal stone was so much smaller than the one I have. Overall, it’s beautiful and well made.

Hi Jolie, thank you for your review. I'm glad you think it is beautiful and well made...definitely a customer fave over the years. For the size...all of my mala focal stones have varying sizes and shapes. A stone on another mala can and likely will be different. The lifestyle photo showing this mala on the model displays the size accurately. The same size stone has been used for this mala for years. If you'd prefer, you can return this mala and get one with a larger stone. I think I found the order that was gifted to looks like you were gifted the Balance and Harmony mala which does have a much larger stone.

Jami A.

It's beautiful and I love it!


This is not my first purchase with Blooming Lotus Jewelry and it won't be my last. Everything I have ever purchased is well made and beautiful. The smell of the sandalwood beads on this mala is divine.

Suzanne A.

Love it!


Thank you so much I love love love my Mala. The packaging was so cute and postage didn’t take anywhere near as long as I thought it would.