Sweet Soul Mala

$ 108.00


Hey Soul Sister!  When you need a reminder of how sweet and special your soul is.  The Sweet Soul Mala recognizes and bows to the divine light in you and each one of us.

Lapis Lazuli is the stone of friendship, truth and royalty. Encourages harmony in relationships and is believed to ward off evil. 

Rose Quartz symbolizes love, heart and beauty opening you to friendship, love and compassion. It is the healing aid for the heart chakra.

Yellow Jade brings joy and happiness to our lives and reminds us that we are all connected.  Helps to support the person that you are on your journey through life, and all the changes that come with it. 

Cherry Quartz is a manmade "stone" which is actually made of glass but oh so lovely and sweet!  Pink is one of the colors of the heart chakra reminding us that love resides within and all around us.

Sandalwood promotes humility and its scent is believed to aid and maintain a person's alertness while meditating.

Beads & Gemstones: 108 Sandalwood, Lapis Lazuli large focal stone, Rose Quartz Guru bead, Yellow Jade counter beads bordered by Cherry Quartz.

Hand-knotted with love on light pink cord.

Whether you use your mala beads to count mantras while meditating, wear them to remind you of your intentions or simply for their free-spirited beauty, we hope that you cherish them for years to come!

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