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Free U.S. Shipping on orders $75+

Ocean Dreams Stack | Amazonite, Apatite, Chrysocolla, Aquamarine, Riverstone

$ 118.00

Drift off into a bliss-filled ocean dream and be reminded that with all the ups and downs that life brings, the waves will always bring you where you need to be.

The sterling silver shell charm has been cast from a seashell that washed up on the beach on the island of Nevis, West Indies. It has been cast into recycled sterling silver using the lost wax method and contains all the beautiful nooks and crannies of the original shell.

Amazonite is a stone of harmony, peace, truth and compassion.  Amazonite magnifies your intentions and supports you in manifesting your dreams.  Speak your intentions's time to make your dreams a reality.

A stone of manifestation, inspiration and motivation, Apatite, helps clear your mind and encourage a positive outlook.  

Chrysocolla is a stone of feminine energy and empowerment.  It facilitates communication and the expression of inner wisdom. 

The stone of the mermaids, Aquamarine is a vital tool in cleansing and clearing the water element, a symbol of our emotions and feelings.  It has been used for protection when traveling by, over or near water.  

Riverstone reminds you to go with the flow, rather than against the current.

-Gemstones: 8mm Amazonite, Apatite, 6mm Aquamarine, Chrysocolla, Riverstone
-Charm: recycled sterling silver .925
-Stack of 3 individual bracelets
-Stretch cord

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Bought this for my wife and she absolutely loved it! Its perfect - never disappointed when ordering from Blooming Lotus!

Stacy O.
Love this stack!

These bracelets are so pretty, and the colors are stunning. It truly reminds me of the beach. I had such a hard time choosing bracelets because I love everything on the website, but I’m so glad I ended up going with this one.

Very pretty Stack

Lovely colors, exactly as pictured. Love the little shell.

Jia F.
So beautiful

Love this stack, exactly as pictured!

So pretty!

This set is perfect for the summer by the beach! My wrist needs a bit more room so Jen customized them to 7.25”


Everything that reminds me of the ocean and all that stuff is my favorite and that bracelet is no exception. I always loved to collect shells on the beaches and the colors of this bracelet reminds me of the different colors of the water and the waves. It’s really a favorite and I always smile when I look at it.