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Free Shipping on US orders of $75+ . . . USPS Delays Worldwide due to COVID-19
Free Shipping on US orders of $75+ . . . USPS Delays Worldwide due to COVID-19

Nature Stack | Rudraksha, Rosewood, Tulsi, Lava, Sandalwood

$ 108.00

Bring it back down to earth, bring it back to nature.  Let the Nature Stack remind you of the beauty of nature and how it supports our earthly bodies.

Rudraksha Seeds - legend says that Shiva awoke after a thousand years of meditation and began to shed tears of compassion. These tears crystallized into seeds...making the first Rudraksha tree. Helps to decrease stress and support meditation and spiritual healing.

Rosewood is believed to strengthen an individual's aura while repelling negative energy.

Tulsi comes from the Tulsi (Holy Basil) plant, one of the holiest plants in India.  It is strongly associated with Bhakti yoga (yoga of devotion).  Tulsi is believed to enhance devotion, inner peace and selfless love, supporting you in your quest to your highest spiritual goal.  Tulsi is also used in India and Ayurveda for it's medicinal properties.

From burning hot molten lava to one of the most unique beads around, Lava Rock (or Basalt) carries with it the strength and power from it's liquid form.  A stone of courage and strength, it can support us in times of change when we need to feel a little more secure and grounded.  

Sandalwood promotes humility and it's scent is believed to aid and maintain a person's alertness while meditating.

-Beads: Rudraksha Seeds, Dark Rosewood, Tulsi, Lava Rock & Sandalwood
-Bead sizes: 7mm-9mm
-Stretch cord

*Water and wood/seeds are not friends...please remove before swimming and bathing.