Moonstone Tassel Mala (bridal)

$ 168.00


For that "something blue" on your special day.  A stunning mala featuring Moonstone, the stone of new beginnings, along with hints of Aquamarine and Rose Quartz, hand-knotted with love on light blue cord.

Moonstone is known as the the stone of new beginnings.  With it's iridescent and reflective glow, Moonstone reminds you that everything is part of a cycle.  It is the stone you seek if you wish to embrace and be more balanced in your feminine expression. Moonstone balances emotions, promoting clarity and helping one be more receptive.  Inspires softness, sensitivity, patience and tolerance.

Aquamarine is a wonderful stone for meditation and diminishing stress, fear and anxiety.  When you take a moment to be still and let go of fear (goodbye "cold" feet), you can move forward with a calmer and clearer mind. 

Rose Quartz is the stone of love, peace and compassion.  A perfect stone to remind you of loving intentions and positivity on your wedding day.

Tassels are seen as the roots of the lotus, strongly rooted and rising up to the sunshine of enlightenment.  As the individual strands of the tassel combine together to become one, this oneness represents our connection to one another.

Faceted 6mm Moonstone, Rose Quartz Guru bead, Aquamarine counter beads, sterling silver spacer beads, 3.5 inch white tassel..  

Hand-knotted with love on white cord.

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