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A reminder that the answer, and the power, is within you.  Our intuition can be your greatest asset in guiding you in the right direction.  Follow your gut, follow your intuition, it will lead the way.

The Brow Chakra is known as the control center as it focuses on cultivating a strong, clear and independent mind. It is the chakra that helps us to see the "big picture" so we can make an educated decision.  Intuition, wisdom, imagination and knowledge reside in the Brow Chakra.

Sodalite is the stone that helps to align the superior Chakras and contributes awakening the third eye during meditation. Helps to let go of everyday concerns and rigid beliefs, creating space to put new insight into practice and focus on just being.  

Clear Quartz is known to be the most popular crystal for healing. It is used to cleanse, focus and amplify energy levels in the body. It helps to realign and focus the mind, body and spirit toward clear goals.

Sandalwood promotes humility and its scent is believed to aid and maintain a person's alertness while meditating.

Beads & Gemstones: 108 Sandalwood, Sodalite large focal stone, Clear Quartz Guru bead, Sodalite counter beads bordered by Clear Quartz

Hand-knotted with love on light blue cord. 

Whether you use your mala beads to count mantras while meditating, wear them to remind you of your intentions or simply for their free-spirited beauty, we hope that you cherish them for years to come!

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