*Custom* Mantra Coin (gold classic font)

$ 88.00


Wear your mantra as a gentle reminder of your intention and where your heart longs to be.

-Round Pendant: 14K gold-filled 1.25 inch (31.8mm)
-Chain: 14K gold-filled with a tiny wire-wrapped gemstone
-Length: 26 inches
-Letters are *case sensitive* so please use correct upper/lower case when filling out the fields above with your mantra(s)

If you have any questions on customizing your own Mantra Coin, please click the Contact Us button below!

All of our Mantra Coins and Bars are stamped one letter at a time, with a letter peg and hammer, giving each piece an organic handmade look and feel. No machines are used. Variations may occur and letters may not be perfectly aligned, perfectly centered or perfectly spaced.

Customer Reviews

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Looooove this beautiful piece.

I haven't gone more than a day without someone noticing and commenting on my beautiful necklace. The mantra "be present, be grateful, be kind" means a lot to me personally and the classic style is easy to wear every day and with lots of outfits. Jen was so kind to work with me on the design and it's absolutely perfect! blessings and appreciation.....

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