Clear Quartz Point

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Hand-picked during my travels to the sacred land of India!  They will be the perfect addition to your growing crystal collection and also can be the perfect starter crystal if you're just starting out!

Clear Quartz is known to be the most popular and powerful crystal for healing.  It's nickname is the "master healer."  It is used to cleanse, focus and amplify energy levels in the body.  It helps to realign and focus the mind, body and spirit toward clear goals. 

This crystal point meets in a sharp termination on one end.  When the point is placed away from the body, it draws energy off.  And when pointed inward, it channels energy into the body.

Cleansing your crystal.  This Clear Quartz crystal has been cleansed via smudging with white sage and charged in the full moon.  They have been handled with love.  While they have been cleansed, please note that crystals absorb energy and soak up both positive and negative vibrations from the air and people as they travel to their new home.  Upon receiving your crystal, it is recommended that you cleanse and charge your crystal again and activate it with your own personal intention(s).  Some suggested ways to cleanse your crystals include smudging, moonlight, sunlight or a fresh cold water bath.  Once your crystal is cleansed and charged, it's ready to be activated with your own personal intentions!  Directions for activating your crystals will be included with your crystal!

This is the exact crystal you will be receiving.  

Weight: 77 grams
Height: 59 mm (2.32 inches)
Width (at widest point): 31 mm

*Disclaimer: These crystals are not intended to diagnose, cure or replace traditional medical treatment.  The metaphysical descriptions of crystals are for informational purposes only.  

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