Bodhi Seed Wrist Mala (mens)

$ 36.00


It was under the Bodhi tree where Buddha reached enlightenment while in deep meditation 2500 years ago. Bodhi is most commonly translated into English as "enlightenment."

Bodhi Seeds are approximately 13mm.  
Size: 7.5 inches.  Due to the large size of the Bodhi seeds, this wrist mala cannot be made smaller. 
Adjustable via a sliding macrame closure.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Purchased this for my husband after his wrist mala broke. I was so concerned about the quality of the bodhi seeds, as my husband is a Buddhist. Jenn went over, above and beyond answering all of my questions! Jenn puts so much positive love and energy into her work and you feel that with your items from her store. The packaging is also first class— my husband loves his piece so much, I ended up ordering another one as back up!

Great Bracelet and Service

The Bodhi Seed Mala is a great addition to my collection. It fits me perfectly--good thing I have big wrists--and it's exceptionally well-made.I'm currently wearing it as I write this review. Thank you Jenn for crafting this beautiful bracelet and the extraordinary service!

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