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Free Shipping on US orders of $75+
Free Shipping on US orders of $75+

Blooming Lotus Ring | sterling

$ 46.00

UPDATE...SOME SIZES ARE BACKORDERED:  The sizes that are on backorder are shown in the dropdown menu.  You can still purchase these sizes.  My caster is temporarily closed due to mandatory closures in NYC (to prevent the spread of COVID-19)  so I am unable to have additional pieces cast at this time.  Once they reopen, I will be able to restock this pendant and ship your order.  I appreciate your patience during this period.


Wear your lotus ring as a reminder that you are stronger than you think and that in the darkness, there is always light.

Taking it's roots deep in the mud, the lotus takes the journey calmly through the darkness, reaching for the light above.  Rising high above the murky water, the lotus opens in the sunlight as a beautiful pristine flower.  This growth symbolizes new beginnings, spiritual awakening and purity of the heart and mind.  Out of the mud and muck, you will rise above it all. 

Hand-carved in wax and cast into sterling silver using the lost wax process.

Also available in solid 14K gold under the Fine section.

Metal: eco-friendly recycled sterling silver .925
Textured lotus and etched band
Sizes: If you are unsure of your ring size, please visit a local jeweler who can measure you. 

*If there is a size you need that is not shown, please send a message using the Contact Us button below.  Any size is possible, there will just be a longer processing time since it would need to be made.

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Love it!
Love this Lotus!