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Free Shipping on US orders of $75+

Sending Love | 100% of Profits for Australia Relief

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We may be far away based here in the US, but our hearts go out to everyone (animals too) affected by the fires in Australia.  We want to do a little to help...and with that, we need a little help from you.  Think about supporting either by purchasing this bracelet or making your own donation to a charity that you feel connected to.

100% of the profits from this bracelet will go to one of the following charities you choose upon purchase:

-Wires Wildlife Rescue: emergency fund for the rescue and care of the wildlife.
-Country Fire Authority of Australia: supporting the firefighters on the frontline putting their lives in danger to safe the lives of others.

Jasper, Riverstone and Moonstone to nurture, protect, support and give hope.  The lotus is a symbol of new beginnings and strength.

-6mm - 8mm Jasper, Riverstone, Moonstone
-Charm: sterling silver lotus flower
-Stretch cord

Customer Reviews

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Love, love, love!

Wearing this bracelet is a beautiful reminder of the people and animals of Australia. A small donation but any amount in support is meaningful. Thank you, Jenn, for putting your heart and soul into this endeavor.


The bracelet is more beautiful in person than in the picture. Being in several fires over the years, I am so grateful for Jennifer's support of the Australian fires and of the help to the animals. Thank you for helping me personally a year ago and for your generous support with this bracelet. My daughter and I enjoy and love wearing them and feel less helpless for Australia by having these bracelets. I now stack them with my other bracelets and still wear my Thousand Oaks Strong necklace. We will never forget 2018 and the community is still raising money for Borderline and the fires. California has sent hundreds of firefighters to Australia to help. They came all the way here when we were in need. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of Australia and hope there will not be more loss of life to humans and animals. Thank you Jennifer.


I love the stones in this bracelet, they look beautiful and work so well together.


Beautiful bracelet for an awesome cause!!