Amazonite Mantra Mala

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Wear your mantra as a gentle reminder of your intentions and where your heart longs to be.

Amazonite contributes to the development of intuition, encourages communication and allows us to see both sides of an argument. Emits a strong soothing energy, helping to balance your mood, dissipate worry, fear and anger.

-Sterling silver swivel pendant (25mm x 4mm). Font size depends on how long your mantra is.
-108 8mm and 6mm Amazonite beads, 10mm Amazonite counter/marker beads, 12mm Amazonite guru bead.
-Hand-knotted with love on light blue cord.

Whether you use your mala beads to count mantras while meditating, wear them to remind you of your intentions or simply for their free-spirited beauty, we hope that you cherish them for years to come!

Customer Reviews

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A Beautiful Reminder ✌‍♀️

So much more beautiful than anticipated. I am a Night shift ER Nurse, things get pretty stressful and are fast paced. Ive been wearing this mala as a reminder of the energy I want To put out in the universe. Call me crazy, but I can feel my energy shift when it’s around my neck. Almost every patient I care for when I’m wearing it asks about it. It provides a distraction to their stress and mine, and is a instant refocus and reminder of my personal mantras. I can objectively say, I’ve watched anxious patients, patients in pain and troubled patients in general have a good drop in their vitals. Their blood pressure improves, their pain lessens and a sense of calm comes over them. Best purchase I’ve made in quite a while. Will be back for more!

Oh my heart! Thank you so much for sharing your (and your patients') love for this mala. Knowing that your beads offer a distraction and a sense of ease and calm for them, even if only for a moment, is a beautiful thing. It sounds like you're brightening their day with these positive intentions and thoughts :)
Beautiful Mala!!

This is the second Mala I’ve purchased from Jenn and I love them both! The Amazonite stone beads are beautiful and the faceted surface really accentuates their color. I love how they look and feel. The customized silver pendant makes it uniquely my own. Jenn is also wonderful to work with and very quick to respond to any questions or concerns. I purchased 3 bracelets and they were a bit snug. I returned them and she quickly adjusted the length and sent them back to me!


Amazonite Mantra Mala

Very beautiful.

Since I'm a Scorpio/Cancer, I love the water colors in this mala. I also like the variation of the other earth and wind colors. Since I plan to use this mala as I meditate to create the things I want in life, I wanted words that signified the divine feminine: rapturous, ambrosial, divine, feminine. Too bad a box only has four sides because seraphic and elysian would have been beautiful beatific words as well (thank goodness for the thesaurus). Sometimes I have to remind myself that I am part and parcel of the Goddess and I think this will help. I chose to keep the words all silver instead of dark so they would be less obtrusive. It's perfect. I do like the darkened letters too, but leaving them silver looks really classic. You can see examples of the all-silver writing on the other personalized item pictures. The packaging was gorgeous and the mala is very well made and beautiful.
Thank you!


Thank you Jenn. This is more beautiful than I imagined it would be! I absolutely love it. The colors are truly breathtaking. This is my first mala and I am so happy with it. The sterling silver pendant with the words I chose is perfection. I’m looking forward to my time with this piece and feel very blessed to have found it. ❤️

The beautiful hues of blue amazonite are striking!

Amazonite is a complex stone, just like all of us, right? I really like this all stone piece and glad to call it my first mala. It is absolutely beautiful and is sure to a be a strong part of my mindfulness practice as well as just gorgeous jewelry. I really like the personalization of the bar, because I need to remind myself of more than namaste, so it was nice I could write what I felt was important. The sterling silver and the quality of the workmanship is very high, this piece will always be with me. Communication with Lotus is easy, fun and you will get your hand-made mala soon. Thanks so much Jenn!

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