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Sunrise Mala | Sterling

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I am open to this new day and know that no matter what life throws at me, the sun will rise again.

Each sunrise is an invitation to begin again. A fresh start on something new or  a fresh new perspective on something old. Remember that no matter how dark it may become, the sun will always rise. 

Take a deep breath. What will you do with your sunrise today? A new day is here and with it comes endless possibilities. Shine bright and be ready to receive every opportunity that life is offering you.

The sunrise pendant is hand-crafted in wax, then cast into recycled sterling silver using the lost wax method and set with a Citrine sun.

  • Metal: recycled sterling silver .925
  • Gemstone (sun): 5mm Citrine
  • Gemstones: 8mm Carnelian guru bead, 108 mala beads (6mm Peach Moonstone and Citrine, 8mm Carnelian), 10mm Carnelian counter/marker beads.

Customer Reviews

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A Boost of Hope and Enthusiasm

Sunrise Mala is the second mala I purchased from Blooming Lotus Jewelry, and I am as happy with it as I am with Luna Mala.
It came in a lovely box, with a beautiful pouch and an information card, and was shipped very quickly after I placed my order. As always, communication with Jenn was easy, very competent and professional.
The quality of the Citrine, Carnelian and Peach Moonstone beads is stunning and the colours interplay with each other in a joyful way. I cannot help but smile when I hold Sunrise Mala between my fingers, and wearing it feels like being wrapped in a veil of positive energy.
To me, Sunrise Mala is a boost of hope and enthusiasm. Did you know that the word "enthusiasm" comes from the Greek "enthousiasmos", from "enthousiazein": ‘to be inspired or possessed by a god’? (based on "theos": god).
The lovely, hand-crafted sunrise pendant with its Citrine sun in the center represents the qualities of hope and enthusiasm in the best possible way.
Sunrise Mala works like a channel to the God of Joy!