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Valentine's Day Sale 1/19-1/21: 15% Off (no code needed) | Free U.S. Shipping on orders $75+
Valentine's Day Sale 1/19-1/21: 15% Off (no code needed) | Free U.S. Shipping on orders $75+

Custom Mantra Coin Necklace | Skinny Capitals Font | Sterling

$ 72.00

Skinny font is ALL CAPITALS.
Skinny font is ALL CAPITALS.

Wear your mantra as a gentle reminder of your intention and where your heart longs to be.

-Round Pendant: sterling silver 1.25 inch (31.8mm)
-Chain: sterling silver
-Length: 18 inches with lobster claw clasp, 20 inches with lobster claw clasp, 26 inches with wire-wrapped gemstone (no clasp on 26")
-Stamped with all capital letters

Also available in 14K gold-filled.

Each letter is hand-stamped with a peg and hammer, giving an organic handmade look and feel.  Please expect slight variations to each hand-crafted pendant.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
One Very Happy Customer!

I'm always impressed when a business pays attention to detail...Blooming Lotus Jewelry does exactly that and more. Not only is this evident in the items purchased but also to the customer. Your personalized notes and follow up touch my core and make me feel valued.
The matching necklaces were a gift for a friend and "yours truly". I loved the idea of customized gifts... Thank you Jenn for making a quality product. I will definitely place more orders.
From one Yogi to another...Namaste!

Love the personalization!

Bought this for myself to memorialize my newly created personal values and mission statement!


I've been wanting one of these for almost year and finally got one. I amazed at the quality and customer service that was provided. I love blooming lotus jewelry and will continue purchasing.

Cat C.
Personalized mantra necklace

I am so in love with the matching necklaces Jenn made for a friend and myself. Even when asked last minute to rush, she put so much time and effort into our necklaces. I haven’t taken it off since I got it, I don’t think I ever will!! Blooming Lotus is my number one place for intentional, meaningful jewelry. Each piece is a treasure to be passed down! Thank you so much for all your love and talent Jenn. ❤️❤️❤️

Gold Mantra Coin

I love my necklace. Every time I wear it, I am reminded of the person I want to be, and how I want to feel. Mine says "Fertile Wilderness." It refers to a scripture that talks about how a people followed the words of God and they were led in the most fertile parts of the wilderness. It reminds me that when life feels heavy and hard, but I am trying to follow God, I can know with certainty that God leads me into the wilderness to grow. And although life is difficult, I am in the most fertile part of the wilderness. I am daily blessed by this reminder to trust God and to feel blessed! It is so beautiful and meaningful! It is definitely going to be a favorite for a very, very long time!


I love this mantra necklace as it was made with love and is of great quality.

Nataliia S.
The best jewelry I’ve ever had

It’s really the best. I ordered two mantra coins: one for me and one for my twin sister. I love everything about this jewelry - the perfect size of pendant, the handmade look and the cute little stone. That’s amazing that you can customize your own mantra coin. And also so sweet to find a hand written note inside the box))) I just want to say thank uou Jenn for unbelievable jewelry!!!!