Chakra Mantra Mala (Rosewood)

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Raise your vibration with the Chakra Mantra Mala and keep your intentions and dreams close to your heart.  This unique mala features a sterling silver swivel pendant that rotates 360 degrees. Your mantras or most meaningful words hand-stamped on each side.

The chakras act like a ladder to love, spirituality and healing, from the base energy of the Root Chakra that anchors us to the more refined spiritual energy of the Crown Chakra.  Keeping the chakras in balance is the key to physical health, emotional stability and mental clarity.

Font size will depend on how long your mantra is.  

Pendant, Beads & Gemstones:  Sterling silver swivel pendant (25mm x 4mm).  
The Chakra gemstones are part of the 108 total mala beads in this mala.  
Chakra Gemstones: Red Agate, Carnelian, Yellow Jade, Green Aventurine, Aquamarine, Sodalite, Amethyst.  Clear Quartz Guru bead to harmonize all the chakras.

Hand-knotted with love on light gray cord.

Also available in Sandalwood.

Whether you use your mala beads to count mantras while meditating, wear them to remind you of your intentions or simply for their free-spirited beauty, we hope that you cherish them for years to come!

Customer Reviews

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I am fortunate to have a growing collection of exquisitely beautiful Malas from Blooming Lotus. They are the by far my favourites, beautifully made, stunning to look at, with wonderful energies . . . they receive compliments wherever we go! I am so thankful I came across this website, and am always delighted and excited to receive a new delivery.

Customer service is second to none! Always speedy in replying to any queries, and so very helpful in all respects.

Recommend with all my heart!


Beautiful, great quality, perfect size and has gotten me many compliments! Exactly what I was looking for, I would definitely recommend to family and friends!

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