Mini No Mud No Lotus (sterling)

$ 44.00

Chain Length
Would you like the letters oxidized (blackened)?

As seen in Yoga Journal's Top 10 Yoga-Inspired Jewelry pieces to Enhance Your Practice.

Taking it's roots deep in the mud, the Lotus takes the journey calmly through the darkness, reaching for the light above. Rising high above the murky water below, the lotus opens in the sunlight as a beautiful pristine flower. This growth symbolizes new beginnings, spiritual awakening and strength among adversity. Out of the mud and muck, we can rise above it all. No mud, no lotus.

This piece is stamped by hand, one letter at a time using letter pegs and a hammer. No machines are used. Because of this, please note that letters may not be perfectly aligned, perfectly centered or perfectly spaced. Pieces will vary and should not be seen an an imperfection. It all adds to the organic hand-made look of the piece.

Also available in 14K gold-filled.

-Round Pendant: sterling silver 
-Chain: sterling silver 

Customer Reviews

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Exceptional Service!! Great Product!

Love my little charm necklace! I have never experienced such personal and great service from any company. Jennifer (owner) quickly responds personally to emails and questions. She makes all transactions seem personal (not just business). When I got the package it was wrapped in light teal paper, label, and had 2 quote cards. Additionally, she had written a personal HANDWRITTEN note thanking me. I love the fact that 5% of her profits go to charity. Great job! What a positive experience!!!

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