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Free Shipping on U.S orders $100+

Bloom From Within Bracelet | Turquoise

$ 56.00

Let your heart be your guide and trust you are on the right path. At this very moment, you are exactly where you need to be.

Turquoise awakens intuition and transmits the message that you are responsible for your own happiness. Helpful in supporting the expression of true emotion. 

Taking its roots deep in the mud, the lotus takes the journey calmly through the darkness, reaching for the light above. Rising high above the murky water below, the lotus opens in the sunlight as a beautiful pristine flower. This growth symbolizes new beginnings, spiritual awakening and strength in adversity. Out of the mud and muck, we can rise above it all. No mud, no lotus.

  • 6mm smooth natural Turquoise (genuine Turquoise, not dyed)
  • Metal: sterling silver .925
  • Stretch cord

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews

Graceful, peaceful and full of loving kindness.

Kimberly C.
Love love love your bracelets!

Adore them all! They are so special! Thank you for caring about your art!

Little Globes

This bracelet reminds me of little world globes. So many colors of loden green and turquoise. Thought at first I'd have nothing to go with it but it looks great with any blue jeans and green or blue tops. Very wearable.

Kristi T.
So nice!

It’s so pretty and so meaningful to me. Jenn even customized my size with the buy one get one sale.

chloe A.
Turquoise bracelet

I love this bracelet so much !!!!!!! It’s like wearing a slice of peace on my arm

Love this turquoise bracelet!

Probably one of my favorites from this brand. It's gorgeous and petite in a way that's striking especially with the gold bangle I ordered. I never was a fan of turquoise until this bracelet because of the lotus charm and smaller beads -- it feels sophisticated. Love, love, love!

Julie C.

Bloom From Within | Turquoise