Herkimer Diamond (gold)

$ 64.00


Because they say diamonds are a girl's best friend.  While not actually diamonds, the Herkimer "Diamond" is a type of high-vibrational, exceptionally clear form of Clear Quartz that attunes you to your soul's purpose, environment and energy of others. While tiny in size, Herkimer diamonds make up for it in their intense energy.  Wear it alone or with other crystals to amplify their energies, purify the environment and facilitate the manifestation of your intentions and dreams.  Keep them close and feel their peaceful calming vibration.

These little double-terminated beauties are all one of a kind in their shape and form.

Each Herkimer "Diamond" is wire-wrapped onto coin-link chain and finished off with a 1-inch extender and tiny Clear Quartz gemstone.

Also available in sterling silver.

-14K gold-filled
-Lobster claw clasp
-Adjustable length.  Includes a 1-inch extender to allow for a better fit.  Extender is finished with a tiny Clear Quartz gemstone 

Customer Reviews

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I was so nervous about investing in a small piece of jewelry, but this was worth every penny! I wear it everyday!


I love this bracelet!! I don’t usually wear a lot of jewelry so this is such a nice, simple, but eye-catching piece to wear with everything. So much work and love went into making it. I’m a little sad that the clasp has started to tarnish after wearing it for just over a week; although it is totally my own fault because I never take it off! I wear it in the shower and even swimming in the lake so luckily it is just the clasp and none of the other gold elements. I will start being more careful of what I expose it to. I just love it so much and will continue to wear it daily and definitely even consider repurchasing when I’ve worn it out!

Sam... I'm so happy you are so in love with your bracelet! Sorry to hear the clasp is showing tarnish as this shouldn't happen with gold-filled. Please email me and will be happy to figure this out with you! I know you're in Canada but I would be happy to swap that clasp out for a new one with a prepaid shipping label back to me :) As with all jewelry, it is a good idea to remove when swimming in chlorinated pools and salt water...chemicals & salt can be harsh on metals and some stones too; water can end up in crevices like the drilled hole so watch out for that ;)

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