Fluorite Point (sterling)

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Cleanse, nourish and recharge your soul so that you can face the day feeling clear and on point.  

Fluorite is a protective and healing stone known to purify, reorganize and stabilize the aura.  Helps to ward off negativity and stress, allowing you to feel more organized and gain structure over your daily life.  Brings awareness to repressed feelings while also calming emotions, decreasing confusion and promoting self-confidence.  Balances many chakras including the heart, throat, brow and crown, allowing energy to penetrate and flow freely.  Also a perfect for counteracting electromagnetic stressors including computers, televisions and microwaves. Fluorite, especially when worn on the skin, absorbs energy so it is a good idea to cleanse it often.

The chain is connected with a tiny wire-wrapped Amethyst crystal.  Amethyst offers protection, brings clarity of mind and promotes selflessness and discovering inner wisdom.  It stimulates inspiration, intuition and contributes to finding deep inner peace and harmony of the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

Fluorite points have been cleansed in a water bath and then laid out overnight during the last full moon. They have been handled with love.

-Fluorite Point (each crystal varies in shape: ~1.25-1.5 inches long x 3/4 inch wide)
-Chain sterling silver with a tiny wire wrapped Amethyst crystal
-Length ~28-29 inches long

**Note: You will receive the exact Fluorite point you choose.  

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