Lotus Petal (sold individually)

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Size (measure your wrist and add 1/4 to 1/2 inch for comfort)

With each day, there comes the chance to begin again.

Taking it's roots deep in the mud, the Lotus takes the journey calmly through the darkness, reaching for the light above.  Rising high above the murky water below, the lotus opens in the sunlight as a beautiful pristine flower.  This growth symbolizes new beginnings, spiritual awakening and strength. Out of the mud and muck, you will rise above it all. 

-Aventurine encourages an optimistic outlook, feelings of lightness, harmony & a renewed zest for life.

-Jasper is known as the supreme nurturer.  A protective and calming stone that supports you during times of stress and conflict, encouraging you to be honest with yourself.  

-Riverstone encourages one to go with the flow, rather than against the current.  It is believed to decrease anxiety.

-Tiger's Eye supports you during challenging times and instills strength, will, courage and self-confidence.  Helps to focus, calm and restore the mind. 

-6mm gemstones (choose from faceted Orange Aventurine, smooth Jasper, smooth Riverstone & faceted Orange Aventurine, faceted Tiger's Eye)
-Bronze lotus petal
-Stretch cord

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Great Complimentary bracelet

Once again this is a fantastic item. I love that I can order a size that fits great. The Lotus Petal fits in well with my Go with the flow and my Good Vibes.

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